The Beat: Howdy, Partner

The best relationships in life are those that take years to build. Learning how someone thinks, how they communicate, and what they value are the rewards of loyalty and invested time. When I spoke with Seattle BDM Kevin Clark this week, I couldn’t help but reflect on the quote, “What comes easy won’t last, what lasts won’t come easy.” In many ways the work of a BDM is marked by the same longevity as a lifelong friendship; two parties overcoming obstacles with the other’s best interest at heart.

The Beat: It’s never boring, is it?

One of life’s simple pleasures is putting in an honest day’s work. This week, I had the opportunity to meet Jesse Allen, Route Sales Manager from Tidewater of the Central Virginia market center while he was loading his truck from a route run. One thing I always admire about the RSM’s I talk to is their willingness to get their hands dirty and lead by example. Jesse is no different.

The Beat: The World Will Be Mine!

The Law of Attraction states that our mind has the power to translate our thoughts into reality. Every day, our thoughts and emotions act like magnets bringing in what they give out. This week I was lucky enough to talk with an individual who epitomizes the positive impact of a strong mind and stronger work ethic. Alba Morda Silvestri is an Account Executive from Philadelphia. Her confidence and outlook cannot help but attract that same energy from every person she touches.

The Beat: Thank you for your purchase!

The last few weeks have been anything but normal. Our business and personal lives have been rocked to their core. Times like these have a funny way of revealing the best in people, however. This week I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Horne, Inventory and Warehouse Manager in Nashville. Mike is one of the most motivated and engaged individuals I have spoken with in my time writing the Beat.