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Fair Trade: Better for All

As you sip your morning coffee or tea, how often do you think about the journey those beans or leaves took to get to you? Believe it or not, the global trade system often involves harsh working conditions, intense competition for retail space, and ambiguous compensation rates. To combat the exploitation of farmers and establish better, more transparent practices of conscious consumerism, the Fair Trade movement was established to create sustainable standards for production, trade, and consumption. Today, you can find thousands of Fair Trade-certified products in stores, all created with the purpose of a better global ecosystem.

Cold Brew, Here’s to You

Since 2015, April 20 has served as the celebratory date for coffee’s resident influencer. From buzz word to industry stalwart, cold brew has revolutionized coffee, and for good reason. By the end of 2025, the revenue forecast for this segment stands at $1.63 billion. A figure worth celebrating.

There are many factors that have contributed to cold brew’s rise and success in changing the way the world views and consumes coffee. It stands to reason we have merely scratched the surface. These are a few reasons we love cold brew.

Women’s History Month

Each March, Women’s History Month is celebrated in the United States. This recognition pays homage to the courageous women who went against what was accepted and expected of them to create real change and provide a seat at the table for every generation of females that would come after. In 2022, women are running the most successful businesses in the world, serving political offices, making life-altering strides in the field of science, and most importantly, displaying each day the power of being a woman. While the work is far from done, the movement continues each day.

Trending with Tracie: Hot & Hot

It’s a new year with exciting new products coming our way! Starting with the latest addition to our 3rd wave specialty coffee menu that’s exclusive to Aramark Refreshments – Joyride Coffee!  Customers can take the ‘Ride by choosing from several blends, including House, Damn Fine Decaf, Espresso Roast, and a Single Origin African.  What’s 3rd wave, you might ask?  It’s when quality and appreciation of coffee intertwine to create an amazing coffee experience.  Third wave coffee is associated with high quality, sustainability, direct trade, traceability, innovative brew methods, and storytelling.

Building a Better Breakroom

As businesses continue to welcome employees back to the workplace, it may be time to reevaluate how they are being taken care of in the breakroom. Following an extended remote or limited capacity work schedule, the refreshments space will be an essential tool to help employees reacquaint and readjust.

Maybe now is the time to rethink your office setup. Here is how to build a better breakroom for your employees.

Nitro Cold Brew: Why You Need it in Your Office

Cold brew itself has become quite the phenomenon, a process in which course coffee grounds are steeped in cold or room temperature water for 18-24 hours. The longer extraction time removes the sometimes harsh bitterness found in coffees brewed with hot water. This smooth, refreshing beverage packs a handsome punch of caffeine to get even the longest days going. Add to that cup the same nitrogen gas infused in the aforementioned Guinness, and you have quite the workday experience.

Here is why you need this delicious beverage in your office.