Trending with Tracie: Breaking It Down

What if I told you that PET plastic could one day be broken down to food-grade material in just a few hours? Drum roll please… well it potentially can exist! PET plastic, which is the most commonly used polyester plastic on Earth, has long been utilized because of its temperature endurance, ability to keep products fresh, and its affordability.

Trending with Tracie: Fun & Colorful

Dalgona coffee is super on-trend, so I just could not help myself but share some more instant coffee recipe ideas that’ll sweeten up your taste buds! Real quick – Dalgona coffee (as it’s known in South Korea) is a whipped mix of instant coffee, sugar, and water. This week I found some more inspirational ideas to share. First up: chilled Nutella coffee (because spreading Nutella on toast is just not enough), which blends instant coffee, milk, Nutella, sugar, and vanilla extract together to make a morning fuel-up.