Trending with Tracie: Let’s Get Innovative

Gary Erickson founded Clif Bar almost 30 years ago with a goal of making a better energy bar with both nutritious and quality ingredients. Fast forward to 2020, and Clif Bar announces Sally Grimes as its new CEO. A globally recognized CPG leader, Grimes most recently served as Group President at Tyson Foods where she was responsible for the $10 billion Prepared Foods business.

Trending with Tracie: Fresh Ideas

Chocolate milk isn’t just for kids anymore. La Colombe recently released its very first product from its Fresh Ideas limited-batch innovation hub and let me tell you… it’s spectacular! They’ve taken a childhood favorite drink and added their patented nitrous oxide process to give it that signature draft mouth-feel and brought us a high-quality chocolate in a lactose-free milk experience.

Trending with Tracie: Dang Tea!

Post drinking tea do you ever feel like your mood is oh so much brighter? Many folks who drink tea testify to the relaxing and invigorating feeling it brings. Researchers have found that drinking tea lowers stress hormone cortisol levels. Tea causes a calming and alert effect at the same time – you drink it and feel calm, but then alertness settles in (as the caffeine kicks in).

Trending with Tracie: Jump Aboard!

You’ve tried Dalgona coffee, now it’s time to try the latest on-trend beverage – Golden Milk! Sounds intriguing, right?! This drink is a concoction of turmeric, coconut milk, raw honey, Himalayan pink salt, and ground black pepper. Whisk these ingredients together, and you have your Golden Milk concentrate. The concentrate can be added to your milk of choice and served warm or chilled. Why turmeric?

Trending with Tracie: Sweeter Life

As many of y’all know I have a lot of love for coffee. It’s probably the caffeine that makes me so happy, but what’s even more awesome is that a new study from Denmark found that drinking coffee makes people more sensitive to sweet flavors and less sensitive to bitter flavors. The study, led by researchers at Aurhus University, looked at the immediate effects of coffee consumption on olfactory and gustatory sensitivity of 156 participants.

Trending with Tracie: Breaking It Down

What if I told you that PET plastic could one day be broken down to food-grade material in just a few hours? Drum roll please… well it potentially can exist! PET plastic, which is the most commonly used polyester plastic on Earth, has long been utilized because of its temperature endurance, ability to keep products fresh, and its affordability.

Trending with Tracie: Fun & Colorful

Dalgona coffee is super on-trend, so I just could not help myself but share some more instant coffee recipe ideas that’ll sweeten up your taste buds! Real quick – Dalgona coffee (as it’s known in South Korea) is a whipped mix of instant coffee, sugar, and water. This week I found some more inspirational ideas to share. First up: chilled Nutella coffee (because spreading Nutella on toast is just not enough), which blends instant coffee, milk, Nutella, sugar, and vanilla extract together to make a morning fuel-up.

Trending with Tracie: Fun & Colorful

What’s the latest internet craze? Nothing other than dalgona coffee (named after a Korean candy,) aka “whipped coffee.” It began on TikTok several days ago, and now millions of views later, it’s a craze. Yep. Dalgona coffee is the opposite of a latte, so instead of whipping milk then pouring over espresso, you whip the actual coffee. Intrigued? Yah, same here.